Jake Willems

Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

I’m Jake! A dual-certified nutritionist and personal trainer who loves strength training. Alongside Rachael, I also help manage the studio to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that our clients are happy.

I originally fell in love with strength training after wanting to be a little bit more confident in myself. Throughout the process of training on a regular and consistent basis, I started to see progress in my strength, physical changes in the mirror, and a greater self-belief tackling challenging tasks. This has resulted in a passion to share this confidence and joy with others.

My aim is to make strength training more accessible to everyone, and I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be healthier and stronger. I find that results are driven from building a lifestyle of health promoting habits which include regular physical activity, resistance training, eating a wide variety of nutritious foods, engaging in meaningful activities and having strong social connections.

A gym can be a scary and intimidating place, but our studio is the opposite. We’ve created a welcoming and purposeful space where have the opportunity to engage with our clients and serve their current needs and goals. The process of becoming a healthier person needs to be sustainable, relevant to each individual and integrate with (not impede on) their lifestyle.

Outside of the studio, I enjoy spending time with family (including my wonderful wife and my cat named Thor), writing educational content, and playing bass or video games (or both)!