We take a different approach to nutrition.

We believe that you don’t have to give up all the foods you love in order to achieve your goals and aim to educate our clients about sustainable dietary habits that drive results. We know that a balanced diet paired with strength training and conditioning is the best way to produce improvements in body composition and long-term health benefits because we have seen it work, time and time again.

We don’t do fad diets.

Instead, we take the ambiguity and guesswork out of the equation, and provide you with support, guidance, and education to help you achieve your goals. Our dietary guidelines are based on scientific data and the latest research, adopting an approach that is flexible and maintainable. We want to teach you how to have a strong relationship with food long beyond our consultation.

Our consultations are tailored.

Our Nutrition Consultations are designed specifically for each client. We get to know you so we can customise the approach to what will work best. We take into consideration your current diet, weight and measurements, medical history, food intolerances or allergies, and goals. We don’t overwhelm you with drastic changes, instead we create a flexible plan, and break it down into manageable and realistic recommendations that help you see the results you want to achieve.

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We can assist with any goal you would like to accomplish — whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle or simply improve your eating habits.

Our approach

Using current dietary guidelines, we collaborate with each client to develop the appropriate nutritional strategies as part of a sustainable and health promoting plan which may involve the following:

Daily calorie target

Tracking your calorie intake can help change your body composition over a period of time. Depending on your goal, we will either set your target to put you in a calorie deficit (to lose weight), calorie maintenance (to maintain your weight), or a calorie surplus (to gain weight).

Macronutrient targets

These are nutritional components that are required in large amounts, which include carbohydrates, fat and protein. All of these elements are important, and we provide daily goals to meet each client’s nutritional and energy needs.

Micronutrient targets

Micronutrients are a nutritional component that are required in small amounts for the growth and development your body needs, which include vitamins and minerals.

Information regarding meal timing and frequency

The timing and frequency of meals can have an impact on energy levels, motivation and the way different nutrients are used.

Conditioning recommendations

We believe that every body should be moving, every day. Based on your goals, we will provide conditioning recommendations to improve your cardiovascular health and help you achieve your goals.

Supplementation recommendations

We will recommend supplementations if required, depending on the information clients provide in their Nutrition Consultation.

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