Training | POSTED August 31, 2022

When Life Gives You (lulu)lemons


At one point someone decided that when life gave them lemons, they made lulu and not juice. That someone would be founder Chip Wilson, who created lululemon athletica in 1998.

It’s no secret that we love lululemon. So much so, we’ve even made it our uniform! As Personal Trainers, we are often asked “what activewear do you recommend?” In the same way that we feel comfortable recommending equipment brands that are reliable, long-lasting and high-quality such as Rogue Fitness, we feel comfortable recommending lululemon. Before you think, “…but they only sell women’s clothing!” Wrong. Whilst they started out as a women’s only apparel brand, they have a substantial men’s collection too.

In this blog, we will share some interesting facts about lululemon, as well as some of our favourite products. So, if you’re ready to see what all the hype is about, read on!

About lululemon

In addition to lululemon creating high quality, high comfort activewear, we also think they’re a great company overall. Leggings aside, lululemon’s purpose is to: “elevate the world by realising the full potential in each and every one of us.” That’s a pretty powerful statement!

As a company, we feel that lululemon’s values align with ours at Ivy Training. Some of these important values include:

  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Positive social and environmental impact

After reading Chip Wilson’s book “The Story of lululemon”, I fell in love with the brand even more (if that’s even possible)! Learning how much he cared about the quality of the end product, and fostering a positive work environment really resonated with me.

Our Favourite lululemon Products

We’ll divide this into our top three bottoms and tops from the women’s and men’s sections below.



  1. Wunder Train – These are made from Everlux material, making them breathable and sweat wicking. They have a hidden pocket in the waistband (which admittedly I have never used), but the waistband drawcord is pretty nifty! I wear these for almost any occasion, whether it’s training, work or brunching with friends.
  2. Fast and Free – These are made from Nulux fabric, which feels super sleek and allows for unrestricted movement. They’re intended for running, but I actually love them for deadlifts! The barbell just seems to seamlessly slide from the floor to lockout. They have two side pockets that conveniently fits your phone, multiple waistband pockets and a drawcord. I also find that dog hair doesn’t stick to the Nulux fabric like other materials, making them the perfect pair to wear around my hair-shedding French Bulldogs.
  3. Align – These are made from the buttery-soft Nulu fabric, and they honestly feel like you’re wearing nothing! These are designed for low impact exercise, and I’ll typically wear these for work, yoga, walking or even casually. The material on these tights is a bit more delicate than their other designs. Whilst they last YEARS you will start to see wear on them after about 12 months (if worn consistently).
lululemon Wunder Train tights

Rachael doing some Romanian Deadlifts in her Wunder Train tights


  1. Nulu All It Takes Tank Top – Like the Align pants, the Nulu All It Takes Tank Top is buttery soft and very comfortable. I love pairing this with a high-rise pair of tights, as the crop just comes in contact with the waistline (in my case, anyway). The gathered side detail makes it flattering around the waist, but be warned – it is very fitted! I have this in almost every colour and love wearing it for exercises like deadlifts due to the high neckline.
  2. Love Crew T-Shirt – Say hello to our Ivy Training uniform! This t-shirt is made from a soft fabric, and is a casual fit. I wear this to work (obviously), training and casually on the weekends.
  3. Ebb to Street Tank Top – This top is a favourite for showing off those shoulders and upper back you work so hard for! It has an in-built bra for support and coverage, however this is only suited for B/C cup. I have this top in a few colours, but got a pair of scissors and cut out the in-built bra as I am a few cup sizes larger than their intended buyer! I love wearing this top for squats and any upper body exercise.

Rachael training in the Nulu All It Takes Tank Top



  1. City Sweat Jogger – These are made from soft, stretchy French Terry fabric, making them breathable and comfortable. With a taper down to the hem, they look very trendy (for track pants at least). If you’ve been around the studio during winter, you would’ve seen both Jake and Harry sporting their City Sweat Joggers. My husband even wears them for training when it’s cold enough!
  2. Bowline Short – These shorts are made from water-repellant, stretch ripstop material. They’re incredibly versatile, and can be worn for work, training or casually. One of their key features is lululemon’s ABC (or “Anti-Ball Crushing”) technology, which uses an ergonomic gusset to remove tension from the crotch of the shorts.
  3. Pace Breaker Short – These shorts are made from a lightweight, swift fabric with a four-way stretch and are also sweat-wicking. With a zipped pocket, you can ensure that your phone and wallet safe and secure. They are specifically designed for training, but can be used for all purposes – whether it’s walking the dog or heading to your local shops.

The City Sweat Jogger


  1. The Fundamental T-Shirt – Another Ivy Training staple, this t-shirt is treated with No-Stink Zinc technology to inhibit the growth of ardour-causing bacteria on the fabric (which means no more smelly Personal Trainer for you)! It’s designed to have room at the chest and waist, and in addition to being anti-stink, it’s also cottony-soft, quick-drying and abrasion-resistant. What more could you want in a tee?!
  2. Fast and Free Short Sleeve – This t-shirt is also designed with No-Stink Zinc technology, and is made from sweat-wicking, quick-drying and lightweight fabric. Being designed for running (but would also suffice as a training t-shirt), it has zonal mesh for breathability and bonded seams to help prevent chafing. Unlike The Fundamental T-Shirt, the Fast and Free is designed to skim the body from chest to waist.
  3. Drysense Short Sleeve – In addition to this t-shirt also having the No-Stink Zinc technology, the Drysense is sweat-wicking, quick-drying and has a four-way stretch. It won’t cling to your body as you get hot and sweaty, and also contains an underarm gusset for increased mobility. This one is perfect to train in, giving you room in the chest and waist.

lululemon The Fundamental T-Shirt

Harry modelling The Fundamental T-Shirt, part of our Ivy Training uniform