Nutrition | POSTED August 21, 2020

Grill’d Low Carb SuperBun

What’s all the fuss about Grilld’s Low Carb SuperBun?

It’s no secret that I am in a long-term relationship with Grill’d Healthy Burgers. You will find me there on a weekly basis after a training session, ordering either a Sweet Chilli Chicken or Simon Says Burger. Delicious!

There’s a number of things that I love about Grill’d. Their burgers are 100% natural, they source their ingredients from local Australian suppliers, they publish their nutritional information, and each burger is made to order. They also cater to everyone. Whether you have a gluten intolerance, an allergy, or prefer to eat vegan – there is something on the menu for you. However, I’ve noticed on my weekly ventures to Grill’d Burgers that more people are ordering the “Low Carb SuperBun”. According to Grill’d Burgers, the Low Carb SuperBun is “…made from all natural quality ingredients including almond meal, free range eggs, coconut cream, tapioca and honey. [The Low Carb SuperBun has] less carbs than a single sushi roll!” [1] Whilst the ingredient list for the Low Carb SuperBun makes it lower in carbohydrates than a sushi roll, it also makes it higher in fat than a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. [2]

Let’s look at a comparison of the nutrition data between the Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger on a Traditional Bun versus the Low Carb SuperBun. [3]

Sweet Chilli Chicken on Traditional Bun

Sweet Chilli Chicken on Low Carb SuperBun

What’s the difference?

A Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger on a Low Carb SuperBun contains 37.4g of fat. To put this number into context, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recommend that total dietary fat intake should be between 20-35% of a person’s total energy intake to reduce the risk of chronic disease. [4] The average adult needs  8700 kilojoules (or the equivalent to 2000 calories) a day to maintain a healthy weight. [5] If we take the NHMRC’s dietary fat recommendation, and base it on a 2000 calorie diet, the average adult should be consuming between 55-78g of fat each day.

If you’re ordering a Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger on the Low Carb SuperBun, you are eating you way well into your dietary fat recommendation for the day… and that’s if you’re not ordering any chips on the side! We also haven’t mentioned that the Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger is one of Grilld’s lower fat options. If you order the Almighty on the Low Carb SuperBun, that will put you at 63.3g for the burger alone.

It’s likely that consumers are ordering the Low Carb SuperBun because they believe that it’s the healthier alternative. It’s also likely that the same consumers that are ordering the Low Carb SuperBun are unaware that it is more calorie dense than all other bread varieties available at Grill’d Burgers, and choosing the Low Carb SuperBun adds an extra 21.6g of fat in comparison to the Traditional Bun. What’s our take on it? We prefer to stick to the Traditional Bun, Panini Bun or Gluten Free Bun varieties. Unless you’re on a low carbohydrate and high fat diet for medical reasons, we suggest that you choose the same.

Want to make better food choices?

If you want to make better food choices when you’re out and about, check out our Macro-Friendly Takeaway Guide. It’s free to download.