At Ivy Training, we specialise in strength training and nutrition for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Ivy Training was created to provide clients with the tools they need to lead a balanced, stronger life. Our team of dedicated and passionate Personal Trainers and Nutritionists believe that a combination of strength training, conditioning and a balanced diet is the best way to improve body composition, strength levels and quality of life.

Our approach to exercise is designed to build up the health of clients so they feel fitter, healthier, and stronger, as well as unlock the long-term benefits of strength training.

Our studio is conveniently located on Sydney’s Lower North Shore in Willoughby. Being a private personal training studio with no more than handful of people training at a time, we can assure you that you will feel comfortable and be in safe hands at all times.


I have been training with Rachael for a year now and really enjoy our sessions. The expertise and guidance she’s provided through my strength training sessions have been amazing. Her consistent updates and redesigning of my sessions keeps me progressing consistently. Rachael is very focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging (and somehow fun). My fitness has increased noticeably and look forward to my weekly sessions.

Sinead F

Rachael has a lot of patience encouraging a good client-trainer relationship, she is knowledgeable of common injuries, and takes into consideration what you want to achieve, she is good listener and very professional.

Sue M

Rachael is a professional and knowledgeable coach who always inspires me to do better. She has been helping me with rehabilitation of injuries and ultimately strengthening my body as a whole. My training schedule has been carefully tailored to achieve this. I can see the progress week to week, which is fantastic! I really enjoy every session with Rachael and appreciate the attention to detail she always provides in terms of technique and benefits of the exercises we are performing. Her nutrition tips are also great and have made me more mindful of what food I consume whilst still enjoying my favourite foods. I can’t recommend Rachael enough to anybody who is on the lookout for a very experienced and well-rounded coach.

Amaraj B

I’ve been working with Rachael for just under 6 months now and I love the results I am seeing! Rachael is approachable, trustworthy and always contactable! Rachael always listens and helps me understand the nutritional side to my training. I would recommend Rachael to anyone who is looking to improve their training and understanding of nutrition.

Ashleigh W

I started working with Rachael 3 months ago as I grew tired of worrying about my own nutrition, changing things myself and having to focus on an extra area of my health. Rachael takes that responsibility away, making it my job to simply meet the macronutrient targets she sends through. The check-in process is extensive, focusing on more than just the weight on the scale, and she always keeps an eye on the long term goal to ensure as stress-free of a path towards that goal. Rachael is always contactable, always full of good ideas and is always supportive, yet also not shy to tell you when you need to pick up your game in order to see results. Ever since that conversation with her - I’ve come along in strides.

Joshua R

I've been working with Rachael for over 2 years now and I couldn't be happier with my results. Rachael is able to guide me to make sure I make weight for powerlifting competitions and knowing that she practices what she preaches makes me even more confident in her services. I love that Rachael is able to work with my goals (I was able to stay my goal weight even with an injury that had me off my feet for a month!) and makes sure I have a healthy relationship with food because a lot of this lifestyle change is about mind set. I would highly recommend Ivy Training to anyone who is looking to make a lifestyle change with their food for a healthy body composition.

Deborah M

After starting strength training I wanted to understand what nutrition (specifically around macros) would suit me best to help my goals of getting stronger, and improve my body composition. After hearing about Ivy Training I contacted them for a simple and effective program, and that's exactly what I got. Not only were they prompt in getting back to me, and also very friendly, but they created a tailored program that was perfect - easy to understand, and easy to implement. Now a few months later I've lost 5kg (without losing any strength - yes!), plus I have such a better understanding of nutrition that I know will serve me well for the long term. I would 100% recommend Ivy Training to everybody.

Kylie L

I have been working with Rachael for most of this year and have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions. She is professional, friendly and motivating and tailors your program to achieve your goals adapting to any issues you may have. Would highly recommend anyone to work with Rachael.

Vicky W

I’ve been working with Rachael for just over a year now and she is honestly the best! She is not only kind and trustworthy but she is approachable and prompt with her responses, which can be incredibly hard to find in the fitness industry. She is encouraging and isn’t afraid to give me the tough love I need to have a healthier relationship with food. I’m excited to continue this as we work towards my goals.

Josephine B

Rachael is a professional. Her advice is 100% based on ensuring that you meet your goals. Often you find advisers in the fitness industry that will want you to do things their way with a specific end product/service they sell. Rachael is not like that. She listens and plans specifically for you. She is knowledgeable, professional, caring and accountable. Through Rachael I have reached my initial goal and discovered the confidence to push myself even further. It is a remarkable thing to see your body change as much as mine has over the last 6 months. I genuinely recommend Rachael as your partner to discovering the best you that you can be.

Claudia D

I’ve been training with Rachael for 2 years and she has been absolutely amazing! The advice, support and motivation she has towards me as a client has greatly assisted me in achieving my goals. She has taught me lots about strength training and nutrition and helped me reach goals that I never thought I could. I’m so excited to learn more and see what is to come with future training and nutritional aspects. Such a great coach and nutritionist!

Heather S

Changing the way you look can be overwhelming — am I doing the exercise correctly and I hope no-one is looking at me! Ivy Training was the perfect choice.  Tailored exercise in a private clean studio with parking and close proximity to public transport. Rachael plans and varies the set of weight aided exercises to meet my objective of concentrating on core strength and building muscle mass and to allow me to feel confident while exercising. My teenage daughter has recently joined me which has allowed us to have a shared interest and Rachael has developed training that meets both of our needs — and allowing healthy competition.

Danielle C

I have been training with Rachael twice a week for almost a year now and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy my training with her. I feel so much stronger and more confident in my physical abilities. Rachael always finds ways to challenge me with more weights, more repetitions or just different techniques to improve my physical strength. I love the balance she brings to my training and to my well being.

Sue E

I've always had difficulties being inspired by sport, athletics, and keeping fit. But it became obvious to me that if I wanted to function well in life, I needed to get more fit than I am. Without Rachael’s help and guidance, I would not have “stuck it out”. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work, and I look forward to our weekly session. I think I have finally found a sport, and a trainer that I will continue with.

Margaret B

I have always been a team sport person and always struggled with gyms. I tried several exercise classes but failed to stick with it. Rachael has totally changed my attitude to strength training and has done wonders for me mentally as well. I love coming to my sessions and I love all the insights Rachael has about strength training. It is about the individual and what they can achieve.

Bianca O

I’ve a history of avoiding gyms because of the “vibe” and always preferred the outdoors. I was also concerned that doing weights would cause me further lower back issues, what with age etc! Far from it, Rachael has been an amazing coach, gently building up confidence and adding weight slowly. My core feels better than it has in years and I really look forward to the sessions. Rachael is an absolute delight to work with and has an engaging persona to add to a safe structured approach to work in the gym. I feel in safe hands at all times.

Chris M

Absolutely amazed that through Rachael’s guidance I am weight lifting. Not something I thought I could ever do. She has coached me through what I thought was impossible.

Meg S

I have been working with Rachael for around 9 months now. In this time I have dropped over 10kg gained lean muscle mass, and built strength and fitness. I didn't tell Rachael this but when I first got the plan I cried, because I thought there was no way that I could eat that much food and get the results I desired. I was literally in such a stagnant place. I was training hard, and eating what I thought to be healthy and not being able to see any changes. Rachael has not only helped me with my physical appearance and educating me on what I need to eat to fuel my body to train, she has also massively helped shift my mentality around food. Finding so much more FREEDOM in my lifestyle, what I eat, and in my relationship with myself. Rachael is not just a beautiful girl on the outside, she is absolutely divine inside and is such a compassionate, supportive and strong coach. Totally blessed to have stumbled across this woman.

Sally L

My husband and I are in our early 50's and were wanting to get back in shape. We have not been one for gyms, so we went looking for a personal trainer and found the most wonderful Rachael Fisher. She gets to know you personally and caters a program to your ability and injuries. We both love the fact that it is weight training as we can do the cardio ourselves. We love our two sessions a week as it's our time to look after us and not the kids. Rachael pushes you when you need a push but also makes it fun. We highly recommend Rachael.

Damien & Julie L

I started training with Rachael eight months ago and can honestly say I've never felt stronger and more positive in my body! It can do a lot more than I gave it credit for. Being a complete stranger to gym and fitness, Rachael eased me into training and helped me get comfortable with the exercises and equipment before encouraging me to push myself. I feel completely at ease in training now and genuinely love it! I could not recommend Rachael enough! I've even encouraged my dad to join me and Rachael in training once a week.

Christina L


We get to know you, to provide the best service we can

Each service includes a consultation in-person at our Willoughby studio, online or over the phone. We will get into the finer details about your weight and measurements, current diet, exercise and training background, medical history, food intolerances or allergies, any injuries you’ve had, and what you’d like to achieve when working with us.


We create a tailored plan to suit you and your goals

With the information provided during your initial consultation, we create a plan based around your goals, suited to your lifestyle. By being evidence-informed, we use current best practice to develop training and nutrition interventions that are appropriate to you, and make adjustments when required.


We will be there to help achieve your goals, whatever they might be

Whatever your goal, we will be there to support and guide you throughout the entire process. We will be there every step of the way, and will keep you accountable and motivated with your training and with your diet to make sure you get the results you deserve.


Get in touch

If you’re interested in working together, we would love to hear from you. The best way to contact us is through the form below, or by emailing hello@ivytraining.com.au.

    We pride ourselves in prompt replies, and will get back to you soon. Please keep an eye on your junk folder in case our email gets lost along the way.